• The procedures and regulations Landscape Law

    Legal basis: Decree No. 05/2000/ND-CP dated 01/3/2000 of the Government on the exit and entry of citizens of Vietnam Joint Circular No. 03/2002/TTLT-BCA-BNG dated 01.29.2002 issued guidance on ordinary passports and travel documents to nationals overseas in Vietnam Decree 05/2000/ND-CP;

  • Some frequently asked questions about Vietnam's Land Law

    The long-term investment demand for housing in investing time in Vietnam, he has contributed to the country; cultural activists, scientists need of regular activities in Vietnam South to serve the cause of national construction, he needs to settle down in Vietnam (Vietnamese overseas returnees);

  • A number of regulations on business lines in Vietnam

    Some rules of business have the legal capital rules. The list of business must have a practicing certificate before business registration

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