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For more than 10 years of rendering legal consultancy to businesses, in so many years we have accumulated a lot of lessons for our experiences. From the first moments when we were still like a fish out of water not knowing where to start, what to do first, what to do next... now the corporate clients only need to brief their requirements and we will immediately set up a complete "design" for each item of consultancy, troubleshooting plans, litigation plans, risk assessment analysis... for clients to consider and make choices.

With a team of many experienced, enthusiastic lawyers and a professional dedicated team of translators, accountants, auditors working together long enough to coordinate smoothly, harmoniously, we wish to become an intimate friend in your businesses. That means we will be at your side when you need companion for contract negotiation and conclusion. That means we will stand beside you to settle the occurrences such as strikes, industrial actions or other troubles related to laws. That means we, your "bodyguard" on your legal front, will protect your rights at courts, fight for you, fight for your enterprise. That means we, as a family member, will be together with you to face the personal conflicts or provide timely advice to help you resolve the dispute in your life.

Our clients are the Taiwanese, South Korean, Singaporean enterprises, and Vietnamese real estate corporations. We are very proud that we have established long-term relationships with our dear clients in all these years. There is no distant client – lawyer gap anymore between us but a friendship in lieu of it.

If you are foreign enterprises that need to immediately discuss with a lawyer fluent in Chinese, English, please do not hesitate to pick up the phone and dial our hotline, or leave your information on this website, we will contact you.

If it takes you so long a time to search a certain legal document, or need the English or Chinese version of such document, please leave a message, we will send it to you. If you need a summarized report if any new law provision in the areas that interest you are available, please give us a ring, your request will be satisfy quickly.

If the answers to the legal matters on the website where you refer to do not match the problems you are encountering, please send an email to us, the answer will be sent to you in the shortest time. Or you do not want to wait or be too confused to write a long letter, why do not you call immediately, our lawyers are always willing to listen to you.

Finally, let us accompany you, not only as a legal adviser, but also a dear friend of yours. Do not leave the website of Youth Law Firm too soon, but please try to wander about our other items, and do give us your information. See you again so that we will be "close friends", forever and ever.
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"Feeling assured that when the advice from Youthlaw. Whenever we have questions about legal issues, the first thing I thought was going to contact Youthlaw" - Bang Nguyen

"We're really impressed with what brings Youthlaw" - Nguyen Tan Truong